Before Thursday and Following Tuesday

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

these are some of my random pictures. I took them today in my bedroom while I was waiting for Adi pick me up. I watched Drag Me to Hell. I don't know what's the genre of that movie. it looks like horror mixed up with comedy for me. however, I don't really enjoy the plot, the end and the ghost. and oh, I went to karaoke at NAV - Bellezza too. for those who doesn't know where is Bellezza (cause there's a lot of people out there maybe wondering bout this place). well, it's located in Permata Hijau - South Jakarta. I also finally ate J.Crown Oreo! but I am still craving for Auntie Anne's. does anyone want to accompany me to eat that stuff?

so here are the another pictures,

I ♥ my hair. it grows each day, and makes me happy! hope it'll be longer asap.

my messy bedroom.

my BIG laugh. I don't really like to see my toothed-smile.

and this is my lovely boyfriend (I wish), Edward Gregory Westwick.

his newest picture, got them from JustJared, as you can see there's a watermark on each picture. anyways, what do you think bout his beard and moustache? for me, it makes him hotter!! gosh.... I've been dying to meet or maybe just to see the real him not from photos I mean. God, pleaseeeeeeee... may I?
8 comments on "Before Thursday and Following Tuesday"
  1. gw jg pengen da kumis kek gt. hahaha
    peje said that u better smile with a shown teeth rather than. holding ur smile

  2. really?! what do you think? I dont really like my teeth, should wear braces asap.

  3. well, i prefer that u dont hold ur smile to hold ur smile (ini maksudnya gw lbh demen lo gak nahan ketawa kan ya?). from this photo ur teeth is neat syel

  4. bagusan senyum =)
    gigi gw jg musti and mau di kawatin nih. agak maju2.hahaha..tapi gw ngak bsa ktawa ga keliatan gigi. =)
    waaaaaa ed mnrut gw bagusan mulus aja mukany?hahaha..

  5. nice pictures...
    nice photograph .

  6. fotonya keren2 dech...

  7. @Jessica: hahaha makasih... kebalikan ya kita. gw ga suka senyum kliatan gigi. tergantung mood sih. gw juga lebih suka ed kayak gini. coool gitu...
    @Bangciwir & @Kaumbiasa: thankyou. :))