3.1 Phillip Lim

Friday, June 05, 2009
so, todays post will be all about Phillip Lim's collection. from Spring 2009 to Fall 2009.

Spring 2009 :: The Runway

Summer 2009 :: The Looks

Fall 2009 :: The Looks

I only like the right model's dress. as always, it's sooooo simple and chic.

Fall 2009 :: The Runway

so what do you think bout the whole photos which I posted it all to you? I picked the good ones only, the lovely outfits in my viewpoint. there's a lot of outfits in every season, but I don't like it all.

then this one, got it from polyvore.com and I'm so dying with this floral flats. I want something similar. for my birthday present maybe, anyone?

anyways, I have a dress with the similar pattern like this flats. I wanna show you but I forget where do I put that dress. so here's, I give you the photo when I wore it, around April 2008.

me the one who wore the floral dress with red belt on it. I bought the floral vintage dress at Positively Pink, Lamandau Street. well, this is Winda's Birthday Bash at 9Clouds. I don't know, whether I'm crazy, stupid or foolish. but I miss this moment. however, like what Liana just told to me on twitter, she puts a very wise sentence; 'and you can make it as a lesson'.

it touched me so, perfect!
6 comments on "3.1 Phillip Lim"
  1. totally love the fall 2009 looks!AWESOME!and also love your floral dress,looks cute on you!:D
    the statement necklace on spring 2009 is very cool!the paget 2 on summer 2009 is so great!

  2. the fall looks... PURRFECTTTTTTT

  3. @Nita: thankyou! but frankly, I don't really like the dress. only wore it like twice. and hey! we'll meet tomorrow!!!!! :)))
    @Janit: yeaaaaaaah.. these are my fave.. lol.

  4. I really like the whole collection :]

    btw, u got an award from me, check out my blog :]


  5. michelle, blog gw mau gw buat private. mau invite lo gmn ya? (:

  6. @Susan: Im done with your homework, pls check my newest post ;)
    @Denise: invite aja pake email yg di tab permission. felishmichelle@gmail.com. thankyouuuu