OMG! I'm Overly Excited!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010
cute mansions
pretty cool from this angle
super cool

one of my friends that lives in there said that there's gonna be 40 degrees around May. Seriously!? Jakarta is around 28-30 and I'm complaining like always complaining! But, 40?! Are you insane? She told me, that last year, there was once about 54 centigrade!!
I just can scream: "NOOOOOO WAYYYYYYYYY!!!!" That's much hotter than my country! I might be burning.

P.S: Hey! Guess where is this!
9 comments on "OMG! I'm Overly Excited!!"
  1. bagus yaaaaa <3 nanti suatu saat di gambar itu ada kitanya HAHAHA :p

  2. i guess its dubai? ada temen disana chel? asik banget.. mungkin lain kali gw mesti pake emirates dan stay over night di dubai nih..

  3. YUP! hahahaha.. Temen gw tinggal disana krn keluarganya ada tugas disana.. Asik yaaa.. Tp panas sih, jadi klo stay di dubai setahun gw ga akan betah kayanya :p

  4. seriously it's dubai? i thought it was somewhere in Hawaii or Caribbean islands

  5. yup, it's Dubai! the 2nd pic is Burj Al Arab which is the 7-stars hotel, the 3rd and 4th pic: Atlantis. :D

  6. gw jg mau ikut gil ke UK bareng looooo hahahahaha

  7. DUBAI!!!
    I love Dubai, it's amazing!
    The shopping is pretty good too.
    I stayed in the sister hotel to the Burj Al Arab, the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. It was beautiful.