Hello April, See You Later March

Thursday, April 01, 2010
First of all, Happy April Fools' Day! But I'm not going to fool anyone since I'm 18 and the era of fooling people in early April is over for me.
Second of all, easter is coming! Who's excited for searching some eggs? *kidding*
Third of all, lots of birthday boy & girl in April. I'm sighing for the presents.
And last but not least, I have some updates that excite me couple of days ago but don't put too much expectation. I know you guys have been knowing these news.

Here they are:
  1. I'm dying to watch for The Last Song movie starring Miley & his boyfie. I intend to watch Remember Me anyway. Rob-patt is a total handsomeness in there.
  2. Still speaking bout movie but this one is likely about tv serial. Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries. GG is getting more complicated whereas TVD is more and more make me curious. Who doesn't know Ian Somerhalder (who plays as Damon in TVD) goooooosh!! I can't resist those abs. He's the hottest man alive so far. I'm waiting for the eps 16 which is coming out today in US.
  3. Ricky Martin is gay. Well well. You guys should have realized it... Too obvious. Next!
  4. Still speaking of homosexual, Perez Hilton is absolutely LUCKY. His birthday was an epic!!! Wanna know why? Check this out! (Justin Bieber was there OHMYOHMY!!) and here's the video version. Listen what La Coacha said to JB!
  5. And I love this cutie lil pie new music video (sorry if it's disturbing you), but Justin Bieber has just released his 2nd album!! I'm totally going to buy the australian edition SOON since it's not available in my country. Too bad.. *ok now I sound like a pervert who likes a 16 year-old guy*
  6. This gonna be the closing as well. I recommend you guys to subscribe this on youtube; RealAnnoyingOrange. HAHAHA! I would definitely chop this orange if it's real then put them into the juicer then drink it. Seriously! He's (or it's) on twitter too.
P.S: I'm just not in the mood to talk about fashion. Maybe next time..
6 comments on "Hello April, See You Later March"
  1. hello! great links! i'm going to check out the orange


    happy april fool!

  2. woho updates! i hate the orange! dont want to watch him anymore! hqhaa

  3. @Gilda: aaah kenapa? episode awal2nya lucu kok, yg terakhir2 sih garing emang hahahaha

  4. shall check out the orange channel in youtube!
    Perez birthday was a hit! haha