Oh My Baby Doll!

Monday, April 19, 2010
Katherina Andreeva is a fashion designer from Russia, she moved to Paris when she was 15 to study fashion. And here's her new collection - Alternative Couture From Paris.
Well then, this post gonna be all about pink, black, leather, PVC matched with lace and satin and traditional fabrics.

Interesting to shop some? Just click here.

anyways, I'm drooling over these glasses;
Betsey Johnson's,
available in many colors which I don't even know exactly how many :P

Ray Ban

and still from Ray Ban...
2 comments on "Oh My Baby Doll!"
  1. gue suka rayban yang terakhir, tapi tetep aja gue emang dasarnya gak cocok pake kacamata hahahaha