Thursday, April 22, 2010
Yeah! I put all the uppercase for the title to express how excited I am!! Hope you feel the excitement!

some of the pages

And speaking of Ian Somerhalder, I'm waiting for the episode 19 of The Vampire Diaries which gonna come out this Friday. Here's my fave quote that I got from the eps 17. Damon's so sweet lately.
Elena: You can’t stop me, it’s Stefan we’re talking about here. You don’t understand.
Damon: (mocking) Oh I understand. I understand. He’s the reason you live, his love lifts you up were you belong. I get it.
Elena: Can you just not joke around for two seconds?
Damon: I can’t protect you, Elena. I don’t know how many vampires there are in there. (clicks fingers) That’s how long it takes you to get your head ripped off. I have to be able to get in and get out, I can’t be distracted with your safety. Or this will end up a bloodbath that none of us walk away from, including Stefan. I know, I get it, I understand.
No, you have to watch it by your own eyes. None of my words can describe how hot he is, how sweet his words when he speaks to Elena, how sexy he is, and how cute he is.


And this is what Nina Dobrev actually said when she's interviewed by Seventeen Magazine,
We had a couple six-year-olds who came to a signing and actually thought that Ian Somerhalder [who plays Damon] was a vampire, and they were terrified of him. We had this one little girl go up to him, and she was really shy, and her mom was like, ‘She has something to tell you.’ And Ian leaned over and was like, ‘What is it, sweetheart?’, and the little girl says, ‘Try to be a good boy.’ And he was like, ‘Okay, sweetie…for you I’ll try.’
This is the part 3 from NYLON magazine interview February issue;
“The Black Eyed Peas at 7 in the morning…it makes you…well, blow your mind.” (LOL-ing at this part)

You can't even imagine how much I do want them to have a real date....

obviously this pict has made me so envious
Nina's way prettier than his real girlfriend (sorry)
oh yes, whoever you are, you're still the luckiest girl ever! are they still dating? anyone knows?
and here they are (the main casts of TVD) at the Paley Fest

Personally, this is the best tv show so far. Keep watching it! They just wrapped for the finale anyway.
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  1. I'm in the camp that suspects something is going on between Ian and Nina. There are just too many signs pointing to YES. And, I love that everyone's defense for why its not possible is that he has a girlfriend. Honestly? A. Nina is more attractive--on the whole--though the supposed GF cleans up pretty well. b. They have the "brangelina" effect to their advantage and C. Have you seen these two together? They're like little magnets to each other...and the older brother story only checks out so far--if you know what I mean.

  2. omg! thank u for the comment, I just checked out ur blog. and it's so awesome!! completely agree with you in every option!

  3. I adore this part of Vampire Diaries too ! Ian is totally gorgeous and sweet !

  4. He's gotten uber sexy since playing Damien on Vampire Diaries. When he did that LOST scene..not so long ago..all I could think of..bite somebody on the plane Damien. I loved him in Rules of Attraction too.

    cool post!

  5. @Holly: thank you! too bad, I didnt watch LOST.. :-(

  6. No. Nina is not so much prettier. What the heck...