Wristwatch by Dooodolls Design

Sunday, April 26, 2009

maybe you have heard that I'm a dooodolls lover. I knew these dolls from Renek and it's been almost a half year I adore to these plushes, and always gaze at it when I was in his car. he owns the Ninja one.

a Mentholatum Lip Ice Gift Pack that available in Guardian stores, gives us a set of:
  1. A free limited edition wristwatch brought to you exclusively by Dooodolls Design
  2. A flavored lip balm
  3. A Lip Ice Sheer Color - color changeable lip conditioner
The lip balms are varied in types of fruity flavors; tangy Lemon, sweet Strawberry, and juicy Apple.

and If I were in Singapore or KL right now, I certainly will buy one of it. I'll pick the lemon one. but the admin told us that it has sold out everywhere. I dont really like Lip Ice lipbalm instead since my lips didnt suit with that kind of brand. I just bought it once when I join a modelling competition that required me to include its pack on the application form.

12 comments on "Wristwatch by Dooodolls Design"
  1. i think a limited edition always cool
    memank lucu banget y? gw blg sih ga gt lucu malah

  2. iya sih wong lu bilang aja lucuan ugly dolls. pdhl menurut gw ugly dolls ga gitu lucu.. hahahaha..

  3. well, buat ugly doll gw lbh suka, mukanya kayak goblok2 gt sih. haha
    how bout ur doubt?

  4. doubt bout? iya sih tp bahan ugly dolls sama dooodolls bagusan dooodolls gitu.

  5. wah, krg tepat ni pake doubt,
    pembelaan lo buat doodolls lah. haha
    iy sihh,

  6. OHHH! ya itu pembelaannya. bahannya bagus dan warnanya ga cuma 1 atau 2 hahaha!

  7. yey, haha. ga imbank gt. gapapa da. sesuai selera saja. hahaha

  8. mirip ugly doll ya cel, lucuan mana menurut lo? ohmg mandarin gmna!

  9. dooodolls win. terlihat colorful dan ceria ahahaha.. gw juga belom belajae put. catetan aja kaga ada...

  10. ahh beli dimana itu bendaaa? di indo adanya dimana syeel? langsung jatoh cintrong guee. hauahuahauha...

  11. gak tau deh di sini ada apa enggak. ga pernah liat sih. dari websitenya juga ga ada di Indo...

  12. goin to find this..
    i love dooodolls :)