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Friday, April 24, 2009
yesterday, when I activated my facebook account, I played an application, called LivingSocial.

while my sister's choice,

I almost forget that I was a DDR freak that time. it's about 7 years ago, even I own the DDR equipment. my dad bought it for me and my sister. he kindly allowed us to play DDR at mall. spent so many coins to dance and always play it with my sister/ neighbor. I just love dancing and playing playstation (PS1) I dont have any PS2, PS3 or xbox.

but eventually it's only a memory and this post will always remind me.
me and my sister was going to Happy Puppy yesterday, and I was surprised when my sist sang a song; our childhood karaoke song that I cant even remember that she can sing it so well and still remember the lyrics and every word. she asked me how can I forget that she loves the song and how come I can't sing that song. but now I remember, that you love that song and will always like the song. somehow, I miss my past. but I really dont want to go back to the past if it can. cause a past is only a past. something we should leave and replaced by the time. but we also can learn from the past, isnt it?

today I went to Senayan City to watch Knowing (again). and still, I cant handle myself not to scream for every shocking moment. the film is really worth to watch but I'm scaredddddd. it makes me think bout the future. but I trust God will save us, at least for the people who believes in Him. and till the time comes to us, we're preparing for it. live to be a good person. I know I'm not a good one, I still cant stop myself to do some stupid shits, and beautiful lies.
I dont even can make a conclusion of that movie, is it a happy ending? or sad? maybe happyyyy. I believe there's always a happy ending, somehow.

I'm off.
see you!
3 comments on "My Top 5"
  1. hey misel, pas lo aktipin kmaren2 ini kok, gw ud ga jadi temen lo? aneh

  2. wah syel, pas gue ntn knowing juga bener2 diingetin lagi kalo di dunia ini bener2 singkat hidup kita yah ^^..hidup di bumi singkat tapi di alam sana kekal..tapi hidup yg singkat ini menentukan gemana hidup kekal kita nanti tapi kita gak boleh takut..krn kita punya pengharapan besar hehe..^^..nice answers on living social

  3. Jojo: gatau tuh kenapa bisa gitu. waktu itu si Adi jg tb2 ga jadi tmn gw lagi jo..
    Davina: thanks. iya emang.. tuh film bagus sih walopun akhir2nya ga sreg gimana gitu. hahaha tp efek2 nya keren banget & bikin jantungan.