Sunday, April 19, 2009
Leighton Marissa Meester. a popular girl and well known as Blair Waldorf who is a rich girl from the upper east side.

in a scene with her boyfriend (or ex?), Stan Sebastian.

with my favoriteeeee ones, Taylor Momsen!!

and I really loveeeeeeeeee Leigh's dressssss. I wanna buy it but for what? there's no upcoming party.

surprisingly, she awarded me something,

thanks! you have to know that she rocks my day too. I dont even notice that she has read my blog. she's kinda so busy. anyway, thanks Leigh for stopping by. dont hesitate to visit my blog. :)))

you know you love me,
7 comments on "Awards"
  1. OMG!
    U're so lucky and your blog rocks!

  2. woww lucky u.
    i so loveeeee leighton!
    pls check my blog :)

  3. jojo: speechlesssss.
    talitha: :) I think and I'm happy for it.
    fede: thanksssssss. Im going to visit yours too.
    nindyasafira: I love herrrr to. yes Im checking and reading your blog nowwwww. ;p

  4. doh tadi gw komen pake account temen gw hahaha.. gw juga gatau gil nape bisa gitu. -.-