No More Stay Longer at Home

Sunday, April 05, 2009
as you can see on my previous posts. I have a terrible English. my grammar to be exact. I just realized it today when I was at my TOEFL preparation class. we were discussing about nouns. the very basic one in this level and almost all of the students at my class understand and can answer the 'check your understanding' questions. about singular countable nouns, plural countable nouns and uncountable nouns. and also the irregular form of nouns. I just dont understand and can't find the difference between those sentences. horrible, yes it is.

I know I have to memorize them very well, like several is used for plural, various is for plural too, but I also have to remember that sometimes some and plenty of also used for countable plural nouns and nouns may refer to people or things. and so that I have to recognize the differences between the uncountable and the countable nouns. and find the mistaken words. but, come on! the others could do it. I just stressed (a bit) when I was at my TOEFL class this morning, learning some grammar and structure material though I love it. however, the students are friendly. well, I tell ya the truth, I desire for the next lesson I'll learn. dunno why.
and, what would my next course like to be.
my comment of my class: "it was fun!" really. I've got lots of outgoing new friends. yeah.. it's not really hard for me to mingle with them.

then, after that, I went to Wondershoe at Kemanggisan, near Mejiku distro. I bought a pair of shoes. yeeeeeeeees baby! finally! here's the shoes:

cause of my mom protested about the shoes (it got some scratch, but that's ok cause it's not really bad in appearance. I still can approve it.. but my mom looked like dissatisfied with the shoes, so dunno why the cashier give us a 'bonus' as an apology for the scratch on it. here's the 'bonus':

a free 35.000 IDR boys' sandals. tee-hee.

so I rate the distro about 4.5 out of 5! :)
anyway, visit Wondershoe's website or you can visit the store if you want. it is located at Kemanggisan Raya no. 103. there's a lot of stuff you can find for a reasonable price. (suddenly I become a promoter. is this ok? as my thankfulness for the good service, ahaa!)

after finished it. I went tooooo an 'abal' mall, near Taman Anggrek. y'all know. cause it's the only mall that has a Watsons store besides PIM and MKG (well, Kelapa Gading is too far from Kemanggisan and my home). so I visited it. I bought something there. well, that's a secret. I had my lunch at there too with my supermom. a cheap lunch with a veryyyyyy tasty food. I forgot the name of the restaurant but it makes me starving enough now for remembering the taste of that spicy chicken.

next, I went to a supermarket near from my home. bought lots of household thing. I bought so many snacks for my little cousins. I'm so excited to meet up with them. however, I cant give them cause my mom was afraid my chickenpox will spread to them. soooo, I still cant meet up with my cousins that day. maybe, either their mom will come to my home later or I'll go to their home to delivere these snacks next Saturday after course.

last but not least, Eva did some 'surprise' thing for me. she texted me she's on the way to my home by ojyek and she got some trouble, I dont know what it is cause she told me that she will explain me later. she texted me like that when I was in a call with Brigita. and not a long time after that, she really had arrived but she lied to me! she didnt get any trouble. she just got back from Senayan City cause she didnt get the tickets for Fast and Furious Movie, so she visited me accompanied by Adi and Renek. here's the proofs:

the bad guys and the pretty girls. :P

"haiiiii, akyu Reneeeeee. HIHIHIHIK!"

actually, I still have 2 photos when we were at Liana's home but forgive me I dont have one of them cause I forgot to bring my lovely smartphone. later I'll update this blog with photos and video (maybe).
video? yes it is true. I made a stupid video when they're at my home. I'll post it to my youtube, dunno when. but not now, due to the slow internet connection. just wait for my next post. I've prepared something for you yesterday.

au revoir!
15 comments on "No More Stay Longer at Home"
  1. syel, nanya donk, noun buat ap aj si?
    sbenernya gw jg masi ga gt ngerti noun buat ap aj. haha

    abal mall apan sel?

    welcome to 6.30 school. haha

  2. kata benda. kata benda ya brarti buat ngebikin kalimat gitu abis kata kerja. contoh: book. gitu jo. hahahahhaa.. CL. doh iye nih. gw nebeng guntur deh tiap hari..

  3. yee, itu jg taw. haha
    yang kayak buat orank jadi noun itu, gw bingunk. haha
    ooo, cl. hahaha.


  4. aduh chel, gw aja masih ga gtu bener sama countable sama uncountable, HAHAHHA :p
    wow, mejiku, distro kesukaan nya peanut! hehe..
    *gw masih sempet2 nya ol di laptop sblum jalan ke stasiun, gokil*

  5. Jojo: oh! jadi misalnya applicant sm application. kan yg satu buat orang. satu lg ke benda. ngerti ga?

    Gilda: hhhh.. iya sih. tp ini salahsatu bahan di tempat les gw. jd mesti bener ngerti. --'
    sama gil. gw juga di jalan pun msh suka ol. hauhahah cuma gw dr hp sih palingan. :D

  6. mmmm, ngerti, tp bkn ituu, yg orank jd kata benda gtuh. aduh bingunk jg gw hahahaha

  7. hhh gw juga bingung.. maksud lu yg whom whose?

  8. nah, yg itu bedanya apa sel?

  9. Itu yg mau lu tanya jo? Whom. Misalnya, the girl whom I met last morning was Michelle.
    Kalo whose, misal, a girl whose father is a doctor is Michelle.
    Ngerti ga bedanya?

  10. emm, kurank lebih. haha.
    kl whom, buat orank ke 3?
    kalo whose buat relasinya orank ke 3?
    ah ga gt ngerti.
    tq sel, kayaknya buat lo repot.

  11. ga kok. gw seneng ditanya gini biar makin inget ahhahahah! orang ketiga tuh mereka ya jo?
    inget aja, kalo whose tuh brarti maksudnya. yang....nya. jadi misal kayak td kan kalimat gw, perempuan itu yang ayahnya adalah dokter adl Michelle.

  12. hoo! kalo whom yang doank ya?
    mantab! haha
    orank 1 : aku
    orank 2 : kamu
    orank 3 : dia
    setau gw sih gini haha

  13. iyaaoooo.. hahahah.. kalo gitu mereka, kami, kalian kata ganti org kebrapa?

  14. wah ga taw da. hahaha
    orank 4 dan seterusny kl (sotoy) hahahaha