Studded Handbag

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Alexander Wang Studded Leather Bag
Fall 2009 Collection
Worn by MK Olsen

I never liked MK before. really! even her sense of fashion but after I saw this picture, I change that judgment.
awesome! the bag almost makes me die.

anyways, good luck for every 9th year student around Indonesia. hope you guys pass the national exam successfully.

there's always a love from me,

7 comments on "Studded Handbag"
  1. thank youuu,michelle..kita pasti lulus! :)

  2. hey, you added me on polyvore and I found you have a blog. YAY!

    and I agree. I never liked MK before either, I sorta think she's overrated, but that bag is AWESOME.

  3. kok jadi banyak yang komen2 di blog lu chell? ihiyy :p
    tas nya lucu tuh, hoho
    adek gw besok uan, mak gw uda kejang2 aje, haahahah :p

  4. @macyavarage: yeeees. but lately I like her smoky eyes, the dark eyelid really looks cooool for me.
    @gilda: iyaaaa gil gw juga ga mengerti kenapa.. uan smp tp gw ga sestress uan kemaren. smp gw tuh ga terbebani. lah kl gw kemaren geo nya bener2 bikin jd stres.

  5. hha, ga membebani buat lo, tapi buat ank2 smp? hmm, belum tentu kan, hehe

  6. hahahha iya juga sihhhh.. kadang ngeliat orang laen emang lebih enak. :)