Underground England Shoes

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Q: if you have to pick one of them, which one you'll choose?
A: WINKLEPICKERS! hell yeah!

I really wanna have one of them, but the price is about £76.90/each. well, not all of them. but I don't think I can afford it. I'd rather buy lots of clothes than one pair of shoes. LMAO.

if you do interest with them, you can buy it online, check their website out! I'm in lack of money now. someone should teach me how to save money. this year, I'm totally in deficit. damn!
8 comments on "Underground England Shoes"
  1. converse tetep lebih keren! hahaha

  2. bisa pesen kok di Elover Shop, tp gw belom tau sih produk jadi nya gmn.

    Jadi kayak customized shoes gt.
    Check them out on Facebook.

  3. @Jojo: converse gw malah mau gw jual di ol shop. hahahaha..
    @Nitya: thanks yah buat infonya.. :D gonna add them asap.

  4. felice, ini spatu cwo kan yaa??
    keren2 neh... =D

  5. argghhh those shoess!
    o my Gosh. God, send one vow me.
    btw, may i link yours?

  6. @Velo: dipake cewe juga keren kok :D
    @Vorega: hello! ofcourse. I'll link yours asap...

  7. love the shoes too!
    btw i've linked your blog and tagged you in one of the post :)

  8. thanks for tagging me.. will link yours also and do it asap :D