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Tuesday, April 07, 2015
[Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was compensated for the review, but all the thoughts and opinions I have expressed are my own.]

The sale is going on! Zalora is having a warehouse clearance right now. Let's say YAY while the paycheck is still fresh, I just couldn't hesitate myself from browsing all the stuffs they have. I think my online shopping skill has been upgraded ever since I shop a lot on the net.

Zalora Warehouse Clearance

Therefore, I want to share some of the tips to you:
  1. Fill your wishlist(s) as much as you want! They will regularly remind you if the product is still available.
  2. Use the filter on the sidebar. I find this very helpful because I prefer to only browse this favorite brands: Ezra by Zalora, Zalora, Zalora Basics *now you'll get why I love shopping at this place* Another trick is to set the price from the lowest.
  3. Check the size detail section and if the model's body type similar to you, then congrats, you only need to buy the same size as hers.
  4. Double check your address! It's important to put the zip code too. Nowadays I'm not always at home, I'd rather get it shipped to my office because it's safer and more convenient that way.
  5. Know your limit. Seriously, don't shop if you're broke, unless you want to starve the next day :P
Another reason to love online shopping is because when they arrive it feels like a present to me. HA! Besides it gives me a reason to live for another 2-3 business days.

Hope you guys get amazing stuff from the warehouse clearance!
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  1. Up to 80% off must mean there are some good bargains in this sale.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

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  4. thanks for the good tips! I will definitely purchase something on zalora :3
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  6. Thanks for the awesome tip! Such great deals!