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Sunday, April 05, 2015
Happy Easter, dear bumblebees! Another circle lens I'll be reviewing, it's from Sincere Vision a.k.a the third largest colored lens brand in Japan. Oh, if I'm not mistaken, this should be my first Japanese circle lens I've ever worn. Just like the wise old sayings, it's never too late to try ;)

fairy 1day princess brown

So they recently launched daily disposable circle lenses collection called Fairy 1day, available in Natural and Princess just like their monthly disposable ones (well, minus Queen). I picked the Fairy 1day Princess collection in brown because I am in love with the design, I can foresee how it will suit my everyday's look, which I tend not to wear heavy makeup.

fairy 1day princess lens village
Pretty jewel design on the box.
fairy 1day princess
Unfortunately I can't read Japanese x_x
review sincere vision fairy 1day
Got 10 pieces in a box.
review sincere vision fairy 1day

Specification of Sincere Vision Fairy 1day Princess:
Power Range: 0.00 ∼ -8.00
Diameter: 14.2mm
Base Curve: 8.7mm
Water Content: 38%
Lifespan: 1 day disposal

Design: 4 out of 5
I like how the design focused more on the outer corner of the lens. The large clear area on the center lets the natural eye color to be shown. Moreover, it has limbal ring for enlargement effect.

Enlargement: 5 out of 5
Its 14.2 mm diameter and bold limbal ring design is dramatic enough to give me an illusion of bigger eyes.

Comfort: 5 out of 5
Daily lenses never cease to amaze me. My eyes are a bit sensitive when it comes to new contact lens brand, especially when this lenses' water content is only like 38%. Surprisingly, it's just as comfortable as my other daily lenses.

Overall: I would love to wear this every day especially when I'm wearing a no-makeup-makeup kinda look. The design looks so natural even though they have their own daily natural collection. Anyway, I prefer this one as I love the limbal ring!

Price: USD 22.50 per 5 pairs

review sincere vision fairy 1day
Final look with Fairy 1day Princess in brown.

If only daily disposable lenses would cost the same as the monthly ones, I'd be forever attached to it LOLOLOL.

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11 comments on "Yours Sincerely"
  1. Your blog is adorable! I really want to try colored contacts, and this sounds like a great place to start :)

    Chic Dream Jar

  2. Love how the lenses look on you! The enlargement effect is pretty natural and the design id lovely :) It's kinda pricey though...

    Pastel Boulevard

  3. aku ga pernah cobain soft lens harian nihhhh. penasaran, lebih enak ya mitch?


    1. Iya.. Jauh banget lebih enaknya, gak kering2 gitu rasanya di mata *,*

  4. great review!:) the lenses look so natural!♥ I love the color!

  5. They look great on you :D
    So pretty♥

  6. the lenses looks pretty on youuu :D

    cheer, michelle ~

  7. look so natural!
    jadi mau beli , and keliatannya lebih nyaman ^^
    Anyway, You're so pretty !

  8. New Follower rite here~! Fell in love immediately with your blog! chic design and all of your pics are awesome! <3<3
    The Glitter Rebel

  9. It looks really natural on you !