Shiny Dali

Saturday, July 05, 2014
[Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I received the product for a review purpose, but the opinions are my own based on my experience.]

Hi my dear bumblebees, I'm back with circle lenses review again. I hope you won't get bored with it. This time I'll be reviewing a kind of different lenses. When allowed me to choose circle lenses from their site, I immediately thought I wanted to try something new. I've always worn either yearly or monthly disposal lenses, so it's interesting to me to wear a weekly disposal lenses like this.

 photo shinydaliedi_zps68140262.jpg
Neo Vision Shiny Dali in brown.

Let's talk about the website first! The layout is minimalistic, browsing seems easier with such simple layout. You can easily browse the lens by choosing whether it's circle lens or clear lens. Even better, there are options for the disposal time, daily, weekly, or monthly. They sell toric lens too!

Now let's move on to the packaging, shall we? This is what I exactly received when the package arrived at my home. They put it nicely in a box and complete with bubble wrap all the way from South Korea.

 photo 20140622_121316_zps9b3d5cb1.jpg
Censored address is needed.
 photo 20140622_121605_zps2e169123.jpg
I spot freebies!
 photo dl_zps74132393.jpg
The freebies; eye drops x solution, lens case, and tweezer.
 photo 20140622_122236_zps4458df09.jpg
The description on the box, unfortunately I don't understand Hangul.
 photo 20140623_115953_zps2112c9c1.jpg

Specification of Neo Vision Shiny Dali:
Power Range: 0.00 ∼ -8.00
Diameter: 13.5mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Water Content: 42%
Lifespan: 1 week disposal

 photo resultneodali4_zps500cd841.png
Zoom zoom~

Design: 5 out of 5
The pattern is simple. I can only see two tone in this lens, a dark brown and a light brown color, so it looks natural on my very dark brown eyes. I have never been this satisfied with brown lenses before.

Enlargement: 5 out of 5
I can say the enlargement effect fits perfectly on my eye. It's not too large nor too small. My eyes look slightly bigger and very natural. I'm a sucker for the most natural enlargement effect muahaha!

Comfort: 5 out of 5
The lens feel super soft and very comfortable to wear because it's so thin. I can wear this for 9 hours, and it's just amazingly comfortable during those 9 hours. Weekly disposable lenses are just WOW.

Overall: I gave a perfect score for Neo Vision Shiny Dali! I've always searched for a natural circle lens that feels so comfortable to wear and I've finally found it. Hoorrayy!

Price: USD 20 per six pairs

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Paparazzi (?) kind of selfie with Neo Vision Shiny Dali in brown.

Lens care tips: Treat your circle lenses gently, wash your hands before application, rinse & disinfect each time you remove them, and dispose them when they start to cause dryness. Even if this lens has yearly lifespan, I won't use it for one year, I'll probably dispose after six months usage. I write the first time usage date of each lens on the back of the lens case (with a sticker and marker of course). I always insert and remove my lens from the left eye too, it has become a habit for me so I won't mix up the left and right lenses. This is the great way to avoid eye infection.

f(x) - Red Light.

"Uh. Okay." Twas my first impression towards this MV. I just don't like it, both the music and the video concept. I'd usually go for Krystal but, Sulli looks the prettiest in here, dontchu agree? ^^
 photo ODB A BEAUTY BLOG SIGN_zpsevlfleqo.png
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  1. They look natural! Brown really looks good on you, it gives you softer feeling.

    Aw, f(x)'s Red Light is--unlike f(x)'s usual music. And Red Light is confusing, I don't know, like I don't know what to think, it's just confusing. Korean songs usually have that cliche and catchy lyrics they repeat over and over, this one doesn't have the 'catchy' part. I super love Krystal though.

    1. LOL I usually super love Krystal too and dislike Sulli because in Running Man she's just not entertaining in my opinion. Yup, you're right, there's no 'catchy' part, that's why there's no excitement as well while listening to it :/

  2. such a pretty natural lens ya ^^ score yang dikasih juga perfect!
    agreeee, i dont like f(x) red light at all, kekeke

  3. Those look incredibly beautiful and very, very natural. I'm glad you found something perfect to wear, considering your score.
    I agree. f(x) is one of my very few female bands that I like a lot, but this one... not their best, in my opinion.

    Thanks for stopping by.
    Take care.

  4. The lenses look so pretty on you! I've never tried weekly disposal lenses. ^^

    Lol I was super excited for this comeback~~ I think that the music video was cool. I like that it has a much deeper meaning to it than what it looks like at first. Everything makes sense then (the phone ringing, the cat, the burning book, why they run away from the red light but dance in the blue light, the room with the mannequins and how their eye makeup keeps changing throughout the video etc~~~ + the lyrics) and I like that~ with the video and those stuff they kinda show that they want to change (?) or 'grow up' and be more mature (the changing eye makeup, the cat) but they can't because on how media views them, like some people still want the f(x) from Chu or Nu Abo era, and those faceless mannequins symbolises fans or people who criticises them online anonymously (or behind the screen). So the burning book closing at the end kinda show that this is the end; the past is the past and that they're not going back~ that's why they're looking longingly at the outside world because they want to break out~~~

    .......OMG SORRY FOR RAMBLING >///<
    The song will take a while to get used too (I like it more now than the first time) ; w ; <3
    Amber is singing omg~ and Sulli is so pretty indeed, give me your beauty TT_TT

    1. Yeah! Sulli is so pretty, she gets prettier and prettier. Thanks Sana, I finally got the meaning of the MV. It's more complicated that I thought, but it's cool to see how they deliver the message of the song thru the MV. Too bad there's no such climax part in the song T.T Btw, thank you for the compliment! Weekly disposal lenses are surprisingly comfortable :) It's worth to try.

  5. Nice one mich they suit you well I reckon x

  6. Glad this works great for you! I haven't ordered lenses online before although I've worn so many colors! Love how simple it is! I would go for something that's a bit lighter, maybe some hazel in it!

  7. You're so pretty! The contacts look great. (=
    xx | kim&kyle

  8. Just popped in to wish you a happy weekend my dear Mitch!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  9. Oh these look lovely! I love circle lenses! Want to get some black ones, they look freaky but darn it they're HAWT.



  10. Those lenses look great on you! I just started following you on Bloglovin, Twitter and GFC! I really liked your style and would love for us to stay in touch:D! If you also have an Instagram account we could follow each other there too:D! I hope you come by my blog sometime and like it too.

    Stay in touch!


  11. The colour gives you a very nice soft look. I like it! Mitch, come & join our NuNaturals NuStevia Goodies Facebook International Giveaway! Simply like, tag & share to win attractive prizes!

  12. those lens are spectacular, and u look so beautiful with them on. Love that hazelnut tone, i'm also looking for good quality coloured lens but so far havent found any. This review's a great one and definitely i'm gonna order a pair to try them out.

    Thank u for visiting my blog. Would love for us 2 follow and support each other's blog.
    Lenny xx

    1. Aww thank you ^^ Hope you'll like the lenses. Thank you for visiting back xx

  13. I also have a somewhat obsession with contact lense and I must say, the color of yours is really nice. Understated and really enhances your eyes <3

  14. ini sih yg make cantik, jadi pake apa juga bagus~~


  15. really love your blog layout, it's great!

  16. Sou brasileira e fã do F(x), amei que você colocou aqui no blog sobre esse grupo lindo!
    Sempre vou visitar seu blog! Ele é o meu gosto está lindo demais ! Parabéns !

  17. Wow what a cool effect! I've always wanted to try coloured lens (prob grey) but never cared enough to buy them-- these look amazing!

    xx Debbie

  18. Oh very natural and pretty design~

  19. I love Asian pop videos - the U.S. needs to start making videos like theirs! lol


  20. Hi Mitch,

    The contact lens are great - lovely colour.
    I prefer to wear glasses - have never tried contacts.
    Happy Sunday and thanks for visiting my blog

  21. flawless Mitch!!

  22. These look so natural and give your eyes such a pretty pop!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  23. i really want to try out coloured lenses!

    Emma from

  24. I LOVE how it brightens the eye and makes them look larger!

    xo, N