ralph lauren

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

FALL 2009

a bit of backless

i'm sure that i've seen this dress before. but i cant even remember who's wearing this dress and when was the first time i saw this dress. maybe there's someone out there that can guess it.

and anyways, sorry because nowadays i'm just currently busy (school stuffs, you know). then, i feel like, i have no interesting story bout my school, friends, teachers, anddddd so on. i'm boredddddd. really! but i realized too that time's past too fast. when i was on the way back to home, me and 1 of my fellas, counted for how many days left for us preparing the Final National Exam. yeahhhh... it's only left for about 20 days.

lets back to the main topic, please note that "I TOTALLY FORGOT WHO WORE THAT DRESS! oh my goodness....."

4 comments on "ralph lauren"
  1. 20???? srius? kok cepet amat?
    yang pake itu, pasti artis.
    sudah terjawab. hahaha

  2. iya sumpah.. itung aja. ga nyampe 30. sampe uan doang loh ya hahahaha.. gatau makanya. antara artis mana nih masalahnya... aaaaaa

  3. artis aja. gw ga taw namanya. wakakakaka
    gw blom siap geoo. masi jelek!!

  4. amin tadi ekop gw bagus. gw udah degdegan aja. 2 kali ga ikut TO jadi jelek gitu... hahahhah!