my little secret

Sunday, February 15, 2009
what's inside your bag?

mine are:
❀ the body shop shimmer lip balm
❀ 2 mobile phones (xl and im3)
❀ wallet
❀ ipod
❀ complete™ lens-drops
❀ parfumes (depends)
❀ maybelline blush studio mousse
❀ hairpin
for my backpack:
✿ any kind of lip balm (it's a MUST!)
✿ 1 mobile phone (either xl or im3)
✿ ipod (something i really need when i'm otw to school or going back to home)
✿ notebooks
✿ soal try-out this year & UAN latest year and i put it inside my file
✿ a bottle of mineral water
✿ money (i dont like to bring my wallet to school)
✿ 2B pencil
✿ nail clipper
✿ tie
✿ tomato ketchup
✿ tissues
✿ hair tie
well, i think that's all. how bout yours?
4 comments on "my little secret"
  1. buku plajaran isinya gw. haha
    kalo cewe kok suka bawa tas kecil kalo pegi2?
    kalo cowo kok kaga?

  2. iya, makanya, padahal bawa dompet bawa hp sm konci. ribet deh cowo, jarang ada yg pergi sambil bawa tas.. hahahah

  3. lha. justru gw mikirnya cewe yang ribet. ampe bawa tas sgala. haha

  4. eh adek gw yang cowo ganjen tuh kalo pegi pegi suka bawa tas yang kecil gt, tapi ga banci loh, hahaa