Let's Wear Batik Indonesia

Thursday, October 01, 2009
oh guys I'm so proud of my country. just so you know, tomorrow I am going to wear batik (well it's not a really batik top cause I didnt bring any from my home). and I guess I will not be the only one who is going to wear batik. either it's a cloth or bag, whatever with batik pattern. please wear it tomorrow.

myself captured by Brigita about 2 years ago.

for more information about Batik Indonesia. press this or this.

Q: why we're going to wear it?
A: cause it will be patented by UNESCO tomorrow.
6 comments on "Let's Wear Batik Indonesia"
  1. ya ampun poto lama syel. hahaha.
    gw juga pake batik! :)

  2. syang nih gw ga poto pas gw pake batik, huhu.. tgl 2 itu gw kumpul ma ank2 indo tp yang mae batik cuma b2 gtu, parah deh yang laiinn!!

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  4. I really like this pic!

    Lovely blog!


  5. Hello, thank you for the comment! I love the leggins, so original.

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  6. @Jojo: tapi batik gw ga banyak :(
    @Gilda: malahan Absis pake batik smua tuh gil pas itu. sebel deh pas angkatan gw ga ada hahaha..
    @Maison Chaplin: nevermind. I also love your blog thats why I follow yours. thanks for reading my blog. :D
    @Dylana: thank you!