Sunday, March 03, 2013
It's gonna be me fan-girling! Excuse me for that :D

I started liking this guy ever since I watch his acting in 7th Grade Civil Servant. YES, it was not a long time ago. Then I started browsing about him, from his past dramas, activities and of course who he was.

So he started debuting as a musical actor. Ah, that's why he got a nice voice. I mean, a really good voice that you'll love it. I always find a baritone voice interesting, but his voice, not a baritone of course, yet I still love love loveeee it. He really has a good singing technique.

He is Moon Jun Won also known as Joo Won.

Joo Won in ELLE February 2013

Now to the reason why I really admire this guy. His acting skills! You really can feel the emotion with his acting, when he acts like a bad guy, he's really that bad guy, when he acts cute, you can't help but you wanted to pinch his cheeks. HAHA.

Then I watched him in Bridal Mask, which really brings me questions like, what kind of guy he is in real life, so I watched him in 1N2D; a variety show in Korea. It's so unbelievable he has a 180' different character. He's like a cute little boy in 1N2D, he's too cute, he he...

Here's a proof of him being so cute:

Well, though it doesn't have an English sub, I understand the video.
He said: "Jjinja shiro." meaning he really hates it. Hahaha...

Kindly watch it until the end of video where he dances the Gangnam Style. He is so funny!

Let me show you loads of his photoshoots:
CeCi November 2012
I love all of his shoots on Cosmopolitan!
With his co-star in Bridal Mask, Jin Se Yeon. Look at his expression :X

A video of him for CeCi Korea:
Why so adorable? X_X
His selca picture. Thank goodness he has his own Twitter and Via.Me account!
credits to the owner! He looks like T.O.P!

 7th Grade Civil Servant episode 5! Too many cuteness of him in the fifth episode, including his lightbulb moment :P
1N2D moment
isn't it too sad that even in a school, a student can turn into a sudden paparazzi :(

Anyway, here's a proof of how beautiful his voice is!

Joo Won covers Because I'm Stupid by SS501.

Not to mention, he also did sing for his drama Bridal Mask and Baker King, Kim Tak Goo.

Ah, that's it guys! Anyway, it's March already, I started this month with some online purchase. Is it only me but I find that online shopping (the trusted one of course) is very convenience. Agree or not? :P

Keep Marching on, people!!
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  2. LOVE IT! :) nice blog you have <3 following each other?


  3. OMG i can totally understand you
    after i watched good doctor i fell in love with him and also searched evreything about him and watched all his dramas
    Joo Won ♥