Last Night in Singapore

Monday, September 20, 2010
Hello my devoted readers! This is the post I've been promised to you. For those who haven't read my older posts, here we go, so I spent the rest of my summer holidays in Singapore with my two closest friends; Ardy and Liana. We spent 3 days 2 nights and it was an awesome, unforgettable and exciting journey, well, actually it was beyond words can describe. My favorite shopping place so far is Little India - Mustafa Centre, where you can get A LOT of cheap things, from gadget to chocolate.

Now, lemme share a lil bit longer story when we were at Universal Studios. Inhale... Hold your breath... Exhale...!

we took the Sentosa Express to Universal Studios from Vivo City
the ticket costs S$ 3.00/each
the Sentosa Express. Isn't it cute? It's painted in pink. HA!
one of the views that taken from the Sentosa Express
then, here I am!
finally arrived! YAY!

After a long journey from Balestier Road (this is where our hotel placed) to Vivo City, we finally at the Universal Studios, baby! *sighing* but the story hasn't over yet. We kind of puzzled what to do because Ardy's ticket should be exchanged at the redemption booth. We were a lil bit tired but we had to rush anyway. At that moment, there's only a line to encourage us, it's: "Keep your spirit up!!" I swear, although it sounds corny, that line helps to provoke us a lot.

inside of the Universal Studios
the souvenir and snack booth
on our way to watch Monster Rock Star performance
with the WaterWorld stunts. You guys have to watch their performance. UBER COOL!
in Far Far Away district
in Hollywood district

break dance :P
the waiting line to watch Shrek 4D
and here's the Enchanted Airways. The smaller roller coaster ;)
if I'm not mistaken, this skeleton is placed inside of the Lost World restaurant where we had our lunch together

We lunched at the outdoor, the food didn't taste really good, Liana and I bought nasi lemak while Ardy bought rendang. It's a Malaysian cuisine, so the rendang automatically tastes different with Indonesian rendang. Anyhow, I was starving to death, I didn't even care anymore with the taste.

this gonna be the coolest ride ever at U.S.S, placed in Sci-Fi City!
too bad it's not working yet. It probably will be open to public approximately in a year

Ardy drives the ride for us!! OH YEAH!

our most favorite ride so far! I guess we rode it like 5 times or maybe more
it's like a roller coaster but placed indoor with lots of cool effects. I highly recommend you guys to try this ride
such a silly dance to be honest. LOL :B

So, that's my story while we're at Universal Studios Singapore. I promise myself I won't ever ever forget this amazing trip with Ardy and Liana. We've been thru the ups and downs. There were a lot of obstacles for us, before and after the trip, thank God we can handle them. Nevertheless, nothing can substitute experience. Am I right?

the view before we're leaving Universal Studios :) beautiful, isn't it?

And these are some pictures we took at night. There's a thing we (Liana and I) regret until now. Well, it's until now for me. Even though I know, there's no use regretting something hahaha.. But you know, the feeling when you're kind of upset why you didn't do something that you could've done. Yeah, so at our 2nd night which also refers to be our last night in Singapore. We were so exhausted, seeing the fact we played from morning to evening at Universal Studios and we still had to walk to the bus stop and wait for about 30 minutes in order to take the public bus. I slept in the bus so did Liana, I just couldn't help my weary eyes anymore, moreover, the temperature inside the bus made me drowsy. Thank God we have Ardy who still wide awake so that we wouldn't miss the stop to Balestier :)

these pictures were taken by Ardy
Me and Liana unfortunately didn't go to this place

So, this is the main reason why do I feel regretful (as I told earlier), I was too tired *yeah blame it* till I fell asleep at the hotel and didn't join Ardy to Clarke Quay. I was at the hotel with Liana. She's also sleeping at that time. Then after I was finally able to get off my ass from the bed, I took a shower and off for very late dinner.

thanks a lot to Steven who treated us at Newton Food Centre

It was our last night. We ate a lot. And it was so sad because we had to bid goodbye to Tommy (Ardy's/ Steven's friend) and Steven who had accompanied us for 2 days. We also spent the night at Coffee Club - Orchard Road. Yes, we walked from Newton to Orchard, it's about 1.7 km. Can you imagine that? I know we were crazy and yet we enjoyed it. We back to the hotel around 4AM in the morning. We must wake up at 8AM since the flight is at 12PM.
That's all about my holiday in Singapore. How about your summer holiday? Do you spend it with your friends or family? I'd like to hear that :D

Today is the last day of my Eid Mubarak holidays. Dunno should I be happy or sad. I'm looking forward to Christmas anyways. My favorite month of the year, December. Hope it will be as amazing as my summer holidays. AMEN!

Let's start a new chapter!
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  1. YEAH! It's our great summer holidays! I'll also never forget it. Many thanks for a lovely trip with you guys hehe love you two! :)

  2. looks like fun!!!
    I wanna go to Universal Studio tooo!

  3. wow it must be awesome to spend your holiday with your friends :)
    Singapore is soo coool i'd love to visit sometimes ;)


  4. Wow I'm sure that this would be a great trip! I feel so jealous looking your pics! have fun babe!


  5. It looks so much fun I have to visit universal studios sooo soon :)

  6. great photos! I would like to be there! :)


  7. Loooove it :))))

  8. seems that you have so much fun!
    do visit mine!

    xoxo kelly

  9. Seems so much fun ! I'm going to go to Singapore tomorrow :D That means I'll be going to Universal twice this year -_- Hahaha . Oh sure we can exchange links !

  10. @Liana: We surely have to do stuff like this once again sometime!
    @Aki No Yuutsu, @Ladinia DalinTasya, @LA, @Megan, @Krimly: Yeah, it was so much fun in Universal Studios, you guys should try it :D
    @Illa, @Minja, @Kelly, @Becky: thank youuuu!! :)

  11. you hve a nice trip! :D

  12. Nice place! Maybe I need a lil break here as well.

  13. Wow really nice pictures xoxo

  14. great pics! Universal looks ace!


  15. so much fun! you had a great trip!
    I love all the pics :)
    Little Berries

  16. you seem like you have a great fun over there ! i loved uni studios too :) theres something abt theme parks that you just love :)

    ps . your glasses are cute :)

    thanks for the sweet comments !

  17. so much fun..envy you..
    wanna exchange link and follow me??

  18. i wish could go straight away go SG now. ;(
    have a good weekend


  19. seems that you have so so much fun in Singapore!
    anyway I am residing here! newton food court rocks!

    and I stay in newton too!
    have fun!

    mind to follow/link me?

  20. so much fun..envy you

    wanna exchange link and follow me??

  21. Glad that you had so much fun at Singapore
    and yes i love universal Studios too!
    you should've tried the big sci-fi battlestar gallactica when it is re-opened again (early next year probably). they're too awesome for words :D

  22. USS was awesome ! Had a great time with my friends there :)

  23. seems like you had so much fun, because i do when i visit universal studio. that place is just amazing, even though the area is not really enormous, but stil.

  24. look like fun!

    peace x

  25. The last time I was in Singapore Universal Studios was in the process of being built!
    I really can't wait to go back + see what it's like!
    Great photos :]


  26. i love theme parks tooo !!
    SGP's universal studios are pretty smalll.. i wish they're bigger !

    glisters and blisters

  27. helloooooo :)

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  28. Hello! :)
    Happy New Year!

    Wow, you just have great trip! I never going to Universal Studio. And I wish can going now after saw your pictures.

  29. yeah, water world is amazing! at first i wasn't expecting much, but i really loved it after the show. and wasn't shrek 4D such a bore? :/

  30. summer with friends is such a good idea!

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